Capital City Gun Club has a deep league of experienced and novice shooters who come out to engage in friendly competition each week and test their skills against one another on the range.  With multiple divisions based on skill level and dozens of teams in each, there’s room for everyone to participate in the exciting and growing sport of trap shooting and our fun and storied league program is a great way to do it! Come be part of the excitement this summer.


League shooting begins on May 7 and runs for 14 weeks. League consists of one round (25 targets) per week. Each team may have up to 7 shooters (8 if one of them is a junior or sub-junior). The top 4 scores each week are used to determine the league standings.

Each team has until May 23 to get organize its squad and shoot each member’s first 3 scores. After that, scores must be kept current on a week-to-week basis, and participants can shoot up to 4 weeks ahead, allowing individuals to plan around other activities scheduled for the summer. Though it is encouraged, teams do not have to shoot together, and individuals can come out and log their rounds as they are able during the week.

Capital City Gun Club leagues are set up with several divisions in which our league managers place shooters of similar skill levels. Scores are handicapped based on the last 4 scores shot. Shooters may use up to a maximum of 9 handicap points. The handicap is added to the actual score shot to determine the score used in league standings. The highest handicapped score a participant may post is a 24, in order to post a 25 (perfect score), that must be the actual score shot by the participant. Handicap is determined by subtracting a participant’s average from 25 and rounding down to the nearest whole number.

At the end of league shooting, trophies will be awarded to the individual members of the top teams in each division as well as to the team’s sponsor. Second place teams are awarded a trophy for the team sponsor.AUGUST 22 Any ties will be broken by shoot-off and trophies will be awarded at the annual Family Picnic on August 22.

To form your team and register for a Capital City Gun Club league, pick up a sign-up sheet and roster form from the cashier at our facility, or CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of the form for completion.

Click here to view or download the .pdf of weekly league results.